Bit Seats

Bit seats is the term commonly known as the rolling of the upper and lower premolars #106,#206,#306 and #406 from the gumline to the chewing surface. This roll back gives relief from the teeth contacting the metal bit and damaging the teeth and causing pain in the horses mouth. Bit seats are placed in a horses mouth for several reasons. Many horses tend to have a busy mouth when bitted. They chew on the bit making a crunching noise. This action in a horses mouth can fracture the premolars causing severe dental problems which may include the necessity for extraction. A more popular application for installing bit seats is used in performance horses both with amature and professional riders. Bit seats help to give better control during eventing, regular riding, and performance work by helping the horse keep its mind on its job rather than any distraction in the mouth. Bit seats help with the effectiveness of the bit on the bars. Young riders with lesser upper body strength many times benefit from having bit seats installed. Bit seats help in the horses performance and attitude as well as the health and safety of both the horse and rider.