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Canine Teeth

The canines are the  #104 #204 #304 #404 in the dental chart above. Canines are found in studs geldings and sometimes short little buds are found in dominate mares. The are better known as the fighting teeth, for protection of the heard, or to establish a male horses group of mares. In the dominate mares it is said to be a hormonal thing as they are much smaller and most of the time there is only a slite evidence of them. They are called the meat tearing teeth. The horse bites down on its advisary and pulls causing tissue tears and pain. Most of the horses we do today we roll the canine teeth down to the gum line thus lessening the damage to other horses in congregation. The Equine Dentist can easily roll the canines when doing any correctional and or routine yearly maintenance of the horses teeth.