Signs of dental abnormalities

Their maybe any number of signs you pick up on not necessarily will all apply.Each horse has a mouth of their own and even though they are alike there are different things going on from one horses mouth to the other. Listed below are a few signs that a horse can have dental needs.

  1. A horse that shows signs of colic ( a stomach ache in a horse )
  2. Not being able to gain or maintain good body weight (sometimes considered a hard keeper)
  3. Feed even hay found in the stool uncrushed wasting its food value to the horse
  4. Dropping feed while eating
  5. The horse may turn its head to one side or the other or lift its head up while chewing
  6. The horse pushes its head deeply into its feed as if to try to fill its mouth while eating
  7. Bucking, pitching, rearing, pawing or just having a poor attitude (may still have wolfteeth)
  8. Resisting being caught , not accepting the bit, head tossing or twisting when bitted
  9. Not turning or responding well to the bit
  10. Chewing or grinding on the bit , having a busy mouth as if the bit is annoying