Free Dentistry

Referal Program:

Recieve FREE Equine Dentistry on one horse for every 6 horses that you refer to us. This can be one person with six or more horses or several adding up to 6.

Barn Managers and Organizers of an Equine Dental Clinic or Seminar recieve the following incentive options.

  1. Organizing dental work on 6 horses gets 1 Free Dental
  2. Organizing dental work on 12 horses gets 2 Free Dentals

Make sure that if you refer clients they tell us who refered them !

Offer DOES NOT include the use of your own 6 horses towards a Free Dental Credit. You must refer friends or organize a clinic or seminar to recieve your horses’s Free Dental session. Free dental refers to only the dental procedure other minor charges may be incured.